About The Book

This book is for the independent contractor, the consultant, and those contemplating working in this manner. This book is equally important for recruiters and the employers that hire contractors.

1 Do you know why certain people prefer employment while others prefer the allure of self employment?

2 Do you know why an independent contractor makes 60% to 80% more after-tax income than an employee doing similar work?

3 Do you know the 10 major non-financial reasons why some people enjoy independent contracting over employment?

4 Do you know what the seven major reasons why employers love independent contractors are and how hiring contractors can improve the overall productivity of an organization?

5 Do you know the steps an independent contractor should take to prepare himself for the business of contracting and how to go about finding a contract?

6 Do you know the three basic types of organization for a contracting business and the strengths and weaknesses of each type? Is incorporation always the best way to go?

7 Do you know what expenses can be claimed by an independent contractor?

8 Do you know and understand the seven basic risks involved with independent contracting? Do you know the key contents of the actual contract document and why they need to be addressed?

9 One of the key aspects of independent contracting is a rapid accumulation of cash. Do you know how to manage your cash and investments for both current and long-term benefits?

All these issues are discussed in “Are You Taking Ownership of Your Career? A Guide for the Canadian Independent Contractor.”

This is the only current book for the Canadian market that addresses all these important concerns making it a MUST READ for anyone who is or is contemplating working as an independent contractor, consultant and/or freelance entrepreneur as well as anyone that is advising or hiring independent contractors.